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About Wild Drum Beverages


For a refreshing, hydrating, vegan, gluten free and bloat free drinking experience.

Wild Drum Hard Seltzer

Wild Drum is a carbonated alcoholic beverage with fruit flavourings and is available in two strengths for you to vibe to your own frequency.

Strength 4%

4.75% alcohol-100% chill, ideal for all-day drinking. The water content keeps you hydrated and on the go, A guilty pleasure without any guilt, beating to a sweet subtle hit. It keeps you in a good mood while you go about your day. Our variants include Pure, Mango & Lemon Mint. Squeeze a wedge of lemon into the pure on a long day or pour the Lemon Mint into a tall glass for a lunch-time drink.

Strength 8%

The 8% is a stronger Wild Drum to unlock times that are crazy wild. It has lesser calories than your average cocktail. And unlike the pints of beer, Wild Drum doesn’t leave you bloated. For the nights when you want to get the drums out and beat them wild. A pure & a peach variant to keep you seltzing to your wildest dreams.

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